About Me


About me

Have you ever felt like doing a photo shoot but NOT the traditional boring studio photo shoot with cheesy poses? If so then welcome to Studio Masina.


The world is my studio and you are my subject. I specialise making stunning photographs in some of the most unusual locations. I once did a photo shoot in an alleyway behind some bins. W.T.F is what most people said but the results were amazing. I work with my clients by using my 7 years of photography and creativity skills to create photographs that capture beautiful and quirky set ups.


I go by the name Malone Masina, a freelance photographer based in Glasgow and Edinburgh region. For as long as I can remember I have always been into photography. I have gained a lot of skills over the last 7 years by working with experienced and well seasoned photographers from all over the world. I pride myself in having a unusual taste in the style of imagery I produce.


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